• hobbies, pastimes and diversions of an autistic boy

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CAF Cars

Elijah’s knows about the CAF cars but doesn’t realize it is one of Spain’s biggest companies. CAF, (Construcciones y Auxiliar de FerrocarilesS.A.)    CAF   Advertisements

California Real Milk Commercial – Swagger Jagger

Elijah does not like milk but likes this commercial. Ok, I like it better than he does. lol

Elyjah’s Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

This is a video of Elijah singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at the Mychal’s Learning Place Annual Feed Your Face Luncheon and Auction (May 19, 2013).  Elyjah has been attending Mychal’s Learning Place for about 9 months and has learned so much and gained so much exposure to many things including art and music along … Continue reading

DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit

I want so badly to visit the DART system.                            

Geico and Little Richard

This is one of Elijah’s many favorite Geico commercials.  His sister Rhys loves it too and we always got a laugh when it came on T.V.  

The Addams Family M&Ms Dark Chocolate

Through this commercial, Elijah has discovered the Addams Family. And I had to go and teach him how to snap his fingers. Now we hear this day and day out. Rhys can’t stand it but I just laugh and let Elijah sing the lyrics to his hearts content. I am all for family friendly shows, … Continue reading

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Welcome To Elijah’s World!

Hello, I’m Elijah and welcome to my website.  I am autistic and I love many things like music, water towers, Geico commercials and a host of things that others may not understand; but my main passion is riding on Metro rail cars.  I know almost every car in use today from Rohr, to Breda, to Alstom to CAF … Continue reading

Through Elijah's Eyes

hobbies, pastimes and diversions of an autistic boy

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